Herbal Pharmacy Essentials: Frontline Health

Welcome to Part Three of our Herbal Pharmacy Essentials series, where we introduce you to the first group of formulas we think are essential to any herbal pharmacy – regardless of your specialty!

In our previous article, we covered three major benefits of including granules in your herbal pharmacy – efficacy, whole patient care, and herbal prescription precision using modifications.

We’re excited to share our first recommended collection of full-spectrum Chinese herb granules for your pharmacy: Frontline Essentials.

Short on time? Download our Frontline Essentials Quick Reference Guide!

Frontline Essentials Quick Reference Guide

Frontline Essentials is a comprehensive immune-supporting collection for year-round care. This collection includes 8 formulas that Boost Immunity (2), Support the Lungs (2), Detoxify (2) and Eliminate Phlegm (2).

As we explore each collection, sample patient types are included for reference. However, your patient findings (including tongue and pulse diagnosis) are always the best guide when it comes to prescribing herbal formulas.

Boost Immunity with Jade Windscreen and Jade Screen Double Strength

Jade Windscreen works to gently boost immunity to support patients during cold and flu season, back-to-school, and shifts in weather that can challenge the immune system. Jade Windscreen is what vitamin C wishes it could be, and thus is an excellent prescription for cold prevention or for teachers who want that extra layer of protection. This formula is also prescribed to patients with mild common cold symptoms.

Treatment actions: Tonify the Wei Qi, consolidate the exterior, arrest sweating and stabilize the exterior.

Jade Screen Double Strength is a triple-duty Wei Qi tonic, toxin eliminator and dampness reducer. It’s Jade Windscreen taken to the next level: a formula flexible enough to both prevent and remove external pathogens. A choice formula for frontline workers routinely exposed to airborne pathogens, Jade Screen Double Strength is balanced and gentle enough to be prescribed safely as a short-term preventative.

Treatment actions: Tonify the Wei Qi, consolidate the exterior, arrest sweating and stabilize the exterior while inhibiting dampness and reducing toxicity.

Support the Lungs with Qing Fei Pai Du Tang and Zhi Sou San

The Lungs are prone to attack from the exterior, and because of the Lung-Spleen relationship, dampness is a common result. In such cases where dampness and phlegm (and sometimes heat) are present, we prescribe Qing Fei Pai Du Tang, a combination of four classical formulas.

Treatment actions: Clarify the lungs, clear away the toxicity, clear away heat and reduce dampness, invigorate the spleen and transform the phlegm.

When Lungs are primarily under attack, we see patients with more cough symptoms, lung Qi deficiency and lung congestion. In this case, Zhi Sou San would be prescribed instead.

Treatment actions: Diffuses and benefits the lung Qi, disperses Wind and relieves cough, transforms phlegm, releases the exterior, ventilates the lungs.

Detoxify with Ren Shen Bai Du San and Yin Qiao Jie Du San

Ren shen is the powerhouse herb we all know to nourish the Qi deeply. It plays a primary role in Ren Shen Bai Du San to support and boost the body’s Qi while the other eleven herbs work hard to eliminate the invasive elements. 

Treatment actions: Releases the Wind-cold-Damp toxins to support lungs, augments Qi, eliminates painful obstruction, circulates Qi and blood.

When toxic heat is prevalent, Yin Qiao Jie Du San delivers relief with pungent, cooling herbs.

Treatment action: Disperses Wind-Heat, cools Heat, relieves toxicity, relieves external symptoms, clears away Heat and toxins.

Eliminate Phlegm with Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan and Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Tang

Cough, phlegm and heat are the three signs that indicate your patient may be a good candidate for Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan.

Treatment action: Clears Heat and dissolves phlegm, regulates Qi, and relieves cough. 

When the Middle Jiao is under attack and dampness is prevalent, Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Tang is an excellent formula to consider.

Treatment action: Releases the exterior and removes Dampness, rectifies Qi and harmonizes the center, activates the Qi and harmonizes the Middle Jiao, eliminates plague pathogen.


There you have it: eight defenders you’ll want to have on-hand for your patients year-round. From teachers and frontline workers to patients who can use a gentle but effective immune boosting tonic, this collection can treat a broad range of common ailments and health complaints.

Be sure to check out our upcoming article on Health Maintenance Essentials!