Herbal Pharmacy Essentials: What Are the Benefits of Including Granules in Your Herbal Pharmacy?

In our introduction to the Herbal Pharmacy Essentials series, we mentioned that a major benefit to running a successful herbal pharmacy is the ability to give your patients the best clinical results possible.

As you, yourself evaluate different herbal brands for your pharmacy, we’d like to share three practical areas where Treasure of the East premium herbal extracts can help boost your clinical results. They are:

  1. Efficacy;
  2. Whole Patient Care; and
  3. Modifications


You may be surprised to learn that full-spectrum herbal granules like ours can be at least as effective as raw herbal decoctions.

This is due to the fact that Treasure of the East’s full-spectrum extracts contain the same active chemical constituents and ratios as raw herbs!

We invite you to explore those factors in greater detail – including our blend of traditional practices with cutting-edge scientific research and industry-leading technology

For now, you can rest assured knowing that when your patient adds hot water to our herbal granules, the whole-herb constituents come to life and are immediately bio-available. Our granules have been proven to be as effective as raw herbal decoctions, while being much more convenient!

Whole Patient Care

The next area where full-spectrum herbal granules can play a significant role in helping you achieve excellent clinical results is your ability to practice whole patient care.

Whether yours is a specialized practice, such as fertility or sports medicine, or a general practice, your patients will inevitably walk in the office with a whole range of chief complaints.  

However, if your herbal pharmacy is well stocked, you wouldn’t have to refer out your fertility patient who presents allergy symptoms. Instead, you would have the best herbal formulation on hand to treat the allergy disharmony while continuing fertility care.

Carrying a range of essential formulas allows you to deliver consistently excellent clinical results, no matter what health issue arises. There’s no need to stock up on every single formula – just complement a select few of your existing stock with full-spectrum herbal extracts; you may even consider a discounted pharmacy kit.


As you already know from your extensive TCM training, herbal medicine offers an unmatched level of herbal formula precision.  

Modifications are the key to this precision: when you are able to prescribe herbal medicine according to the patient’s tongue, pulse and other findings, true individualized treatment can begin, and better clinical results are more likely.

But... isn’t it expensive to carry and manage an herbal pharmacy full of single herbs? 

Not at all!

We recommend starting off small and building from there. Here are a couple possible approaches you might take:

  • Start with the current season. What symptoms are you seeing in the clinic? What do you wish you had on hand already? For example, during cold season, you’ll likely go through a fair supply of Yu Ping Feng San. If one patient’s tongue and pulse show more heat you’ll add Zhi Mu; if another has neck stiffness, you’ll add Ge Gen. In this example, you would order a bottle each of those single herbs.
  • Start with the most common formulas. Ba Zhen Tang for women’s health, Liu Wei Di Huang Wan for aging health, Xiao Yao Wan for emotion support, and Suan Zao Ren tang for sleep are all common formulas that every practice should have.
  • Start with your specialty. If you run a practice specializing in fertility, stock up on formulas like Chu Luan Fang (Fertile Tonic). If your practice is more focused on menopause support, Geng Nian An would be an essential formula.

Part of the Whole 

Herbal medicine is part of the whole range of care you offer your patients.

When you have an herbal pharmacy that allows you to practice in the most effective way possible, the best care and clinical results also become possible.

We hope you’ll think of us an extension of your own herbal pharmacy – ready and standing by to get you exactly what you need, whether it’s answers to your questions, or to provide products for your clinic.

Coming up next: Herbal Formulas for Clinical Success. We’ll introduce you to a group of formulas we’ve created to support practitioners and their patients, year-round.