Treasure of the East is a woman- and AAPI-owned TCM herbal company based in Ithaca, NY, representing the biggest and most trusted granule supplier in China. 

Dr. Ann Wang, Founder 

Dr. Ann Wang, CMD, LAc, moved her practice from China to the US in the late 1980s. When she struggled to get the clinical results she was used to getting back home, Dr. Wang returned to China again and again, to bring back the best quality herbs for her clinic and her patients. Having served as faculty at China’s Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences before come to the US, Dr. Wang had been exposed to the best herbs available. She began introducing these treasures to Ithaca’s small but vibrant TCM community. As more patients improved, and more practitioners asked for these treasured herbs, it was time to make it official. In 1994, Treasure of the East began its operations as the first FDA-registered supplier of TCM granule herbs from mainland China. Now, Treasure of the East is a major supplier of premium herbs for TCM practitioners nationally.
Dr. Wang's Integrative Medicine Center in Ithaca, NY was one of the first in the United States to truly integrate eastern and western medicine. The Integrative Medicine Center's care team included licensed acupuncturists/herbal medicine practitioners, MDs, licensed therapists, massage therapists, RNs, chiropractors and others.

In November 2022, Dr. Wang retired from practice. Today she continues to put her energy, expertise, and enthusiasm into Treasure of the East.

Teresa Williams Zhang, CEO
Like many immigrant children, Teresa started working with her family very young, first at her mother's practice and then at Treasure of the East. Her involvement waned while she pursued her PhD in sustainable manufacturing and a career as a solar engineer and executive; but, as demand for Treasure of the East herbs grew, the company’s needs grew as well. So, in 2017, Teresa rejoined Treasure of the East in a full-time capacity, focused on revamping operations, sales, and marketing.

Teresa is incredibly proud of the impact Dr. Wang and her team have had on the American TCM community, helping practitioners and patients get meaningfully better clinical outcomes. 
Teresa loves interacting with the incredibly diverse array of healers, entrepreneurs, and educators that Treasure of the East serves. Please say hello!

Through our supplier, Tianjiang Pharmaceuticals, we are proud to carry a full line of single herbs and formulas for the most discerning TCM practitioner. Sustainable farming practices, cutting-edge research, and traditional pao zhi herbal preparations are just a few ways we achieve exceptional quality – from seed through finished product.

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