Whole Herb Efficacy

When your patient adds hot water to our herbal granules, the whole-herb constituents come to life and are immediately bio-available. This makes them at least as effective as raw herbal decoctions, while being much more convenient!


Our products meet the rigorous standards of TCM practitioners who, like us, won't compromise on quality – ever. Developed in collaboration with 22 research universities and 26 TCM hospitals, our products can be found in busy TCM clinics worldwide.

Fresh from the Farm

Tradition matters! Our premium herbal extracts get their start in over 300 Dao Di farms across China. Once procured and authenticated, the raw herbs are prepared according to traditional Pao Zhi practices.

Our most popular

Immune Support Formula

Qiang Li Yu Ping Feng Jade Screen Double Strength 强力玉屏风 (Granules)

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