Treasure of the East Herbs Receive Halal Certification

Ithaca, NY - Tianjiang Pharmaceutical, supplier to Treasure of the East Herbs, has received Halal Certification for 142 products. This is the second certification received in Treasure of the East's push toward dietary inclusivity in TCM.

Halal certification means that the certified products are not only free of any materials considered forbidden by Islamic law, but also that they were not processed, produced, or shipped with any forbidden items or materials.

Besides its deep religious significance, Halal certification also verifies a number of quality factors in Tianjiang's production process. Production facilities provide evidence of compliance to rigorous sanitation standards and demonstrate full traceability throughout the production process to be verified Halal.  

About Treasure of the East: For 27 years, Treasure of the East has been the exclusive US distributor and general agent for Tianjiang Pharmaceutical, and the only US brand authorized to use the Tianjiang name. With 30 patents related to the extraction, granulation, and packaging of medicinal herbs, Tianjiang is the granule herb supplier to 70% of China’s AAA-level hospitals, to 48 research universities and hospitals, and to healthcare professionals in 30 countries. For more information, please visit:

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