7 Essential Mushrooms For Wellness

Medicinal and adaptogenic mushrooms have become increasingly popular as we learn more about their enticing health benefits. In addition to the well-known immune strengthening and anti-stress properties, mushrooms have other lesser known but just as important usages. We've compiled an easy-access list of all of the mushroom extracts that we carry, along with their medicinal properties below:


  • Chaga / Bai Hua Rong - Builds Qi, calms Shen, tonifies the kidneys, tonifies the spleen, tonifies the liver, clears toxins, restores blood


Brain Health:

  • Poria / Fu Ling - Drains Dampness, tonifies the spleen, tonifies the stomach, assists the heart, and calms the spirit
  • Poria with Hostwood / Fu Shen - Drains Dampness, tonifies the spleen and stomach, assists the heart and calms the spirit
  • Lion's Mane / Hou Tou Gu - Tonifies the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys, tonifies the brain, heals wounds, regenerates flesh

Liver & Kidney Health:

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