Better Results from Better Herbs: Nine Reasons To Try Treasure of the East

Treasure of the East herbs have a plethora of outstanding features, ranging from authenticity and exquisite purity, to traditional, world-renowned methods of production. Here are a few of the reasons that so many practitioners get better results from better herbs with Treasure of the East.

1. Treasure of the East herbs are made by the World’s Largest and Most Trusted Producer of concentrated granule herbs.

• The same herbs are used by 8,000 hospitals, 80% of China’s TCM clinical research institutions, and by practitioners in 30 countries and territories.

 Treasure of the East is Tianjiang Pharmaceutical’s exclusive FDA-registered general agent and distributor in the US.

Tianjiang Treasure of the East Logo

2. Treasure of the East herbs are sourced authentically and directly from Dao Di regions.

• The raw herb materials that become Treasure of the East herbs come directly from 300 farms and ethically wild-harvested sources across 22 provinces.
• Additionally, 66 of the farms are directly owned or co-owned by Treasure of the East’s supplier to ensure the highest quality raw herbs.

• Tianjiang’s standards for botanical thin layer chromatography (TLC) fingerprint identification have been adopted by the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA). In other words, all other Chinese herb companies strive to meet the botanical fingerprint standards of Treasure of the East’s supplier.

Tianjiang wrote the book on TLC for Chinese herbs!

3. Treasure of the East herbs employ traditional Pao Zhi processes.

• Traditional Pao Zhi processes are performed based on the Chinese Pharmacopeia (e.g., soaking, cooking, roasting, steaming, frying, or treating with ginger, honey, or salt), resulting in more than one variety of many herbs, a full line of 350 single herbs, and adherence to classical formulations.

• Processing times and temperatures refined using modern experimental processes to maximize active chemical constituents and to minimize naturally occurring toxicity.

4. The purity of the extracts is unmatched!

 For every herb variety, Treasure of the East's supplier evaluates numerous farms with a rigorous process that includes chemical analysis of the soils, and only selects the farms with the purest growing conditions.
 All herbs are tested for heavy metals, pesticide residues, aflatoxin, and sulfur dioxide in compliance with FDA, U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP), and EU standards.
 Treasure of the East herbs are extracted using only purified water, never with harsh solvents. Sulfur preservatives (commonly used to treat raw bulk herbs) are never used.
5. Treasure of the East herbs exhibit exceptional potency.
 Treasure of the East herbs are "Full-Spectrummeaning they contain all the active components of raw herbs but are concentrated 5:1.
• Essential oils released during extraction are reintroduced during the last granulation step for the flavor, aroma, and efficacy of a traditional decoction.

• The extraction technology behind Treasure of the East herbs is protected by 15 patents. 

6. The larger granules are easier to handle & dissolve easily.

 Treasure of the East herbs dissolve extremely well, and don’t float without dissolving like many powdered herbs do.
• The larger granlues are easy to mix into formulas, without coating the surfaces of your pharmacy.

Herbal Granules fully dissolvable from Treasure of the East

7. Treasure of the East herbs are manufactured in world-class facilities.

 Treasure of the East herbs are produced the largest facility of its kind.  It was first herbal facility to be Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-certified to pharmaceutical standards by the CFDA and is compliant to the US FDA's cGMP standards.

The state-of-the-art testing center is accredited to ISO/IEC17025 international standards by ILACMRA/CNAS and is led by a member of the Chinese National Academy of Sciences.

Tianjiang's 12,000 ton-per-year extraction and granulation facilityTianjiang Laboratory

8. Each batch of each extract is full traceability. 

• Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are available for every batch.
• A QR code tracking system monitors quality from farm to finished products.

• Samples of raw and finished herbs are maintained for every batch.Raw and finished herb samples are maintained for every batch for at least three years

9. Each extract is backed by extensive research.

• Internal research by Treasure of the East’s supplier has set Chinese national standards for nearly 700 varieties of herbal extracts.
 Herbs from Treasure of the East’s supplier are used by research institutions across the world.  Within China, Tianjiang maintains active research partnerships with 22 Chinese medicine universities and 26 leading TCM hospitals.

Tianjiang's Research Partners include Top TCM Schools, including Nanjing University, Peking University, China Academy of Chinese Medical Science, and many more