Directly from the Farms. Our authentic herbs are grown from high quality seeds and are sourced directly through long-standing relationships with over 300 farms across 22 provinces. Additionally, Tianjiang owns or co-owns 66 farms to ensure quality from seedling through finished product. 

Geo-Authentic. Approximately 95% of our raw herbs are geo-authentic, meaning they come from their "Dao Di" or their regions of traditional origins.  While we would prefer to source all herbs from their Dao Di regions, herbs from some Dao Di regions are not able to meet our stringent standards for sustainability, water and soil quality, heavy-metal content, or concentrations of active chemical constituents. 

Sustainable. Since 2016, Tianjiang has strictly adhered to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).  That means you will never find endangered species like tiger bone or rhino horn from us.  There are four species of protected plants in our catalog that Tianjiang procures from sustainably farmed sources: Tian Ma, Bai Ji, Sha Shen (Bei), and Rou Cong Rong.  Because Tianjiang purchases directly from the farmers, not from the bulk herb market, we are able to obtain certification from CITES confirming that the herbs come from sustainable sources.

CITESLearn about our industry-leading method for bio-authentication.