From the Global Frontline: TCM in Historic Pandemics & Lessons for Today

Join Tianjiang Treasure of the East and Lhasa OMS

Dr. Guangxi Li, MD (China) Chief Physician
Medical Director, Dept. of Respiratory Medicine, Guang'anmen Hospital
Assistant Professior, Dept. of Respiratory and Intensive Medicine, Mayo Clinic 


Dr. Li is an internationally recognized pulmonologist and member of China’s National COVID-19 Expert Group.  For 20 years, he has directed clinical research on lung damage caused by various viral infections and the traditional Chinese medicine interventions used for lung damage caused by viral infections. 

As a medical expert in respiratory medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Li has been an invited speaker at many international respiratory conferences including The Respiratory Forum hosted by Peking Union Medical College Hospital, The International Society of Respiratory Diseases (ISRD) Annual Conference hosted by Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, The 2014 Indian Society of Intensive Care Medicine Annual Conference, The Southern Cardiovascular Congress, and The 2012 Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) Conference.  Dr. Li has been a reviewer of the Annals of Internal Medicine in the United States since 2011. In 2003, he was appointed as the Chief Medical Officer of Beijing Anti-SARS in Guang’anmen Hospital and was awarded the Beijing Advanced Individual Award Against SARS.

In this webinar:

Dr. Li will share first-hand experience of how TCM is utilized in China and other countries in the fight against COVID-19. He will discuss how Chinese Medicine has been used in pandemics throughout history, including how it has evolved over time.  He will also compare and contrast COVID-19 to previous pandemics and to seasonal flu.  He will also discuss the role of androgens, highlight signs of growing severity, and offer best practices for overcoming infections. 

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • Evolution of herbal medicine in the course of historic pandemics
  • Similarities and differences between COVID-19, other pandemics, and seasonal flu
  • Why androgens have become a new hot topic
  • Guidance on how to minimize the impact of COVID-19 infections

Who Should Attend:

  • Practitioners who would like to learn more about the treatment of COVID-19 abroad
  • Practitioners with questions about the treatment of COVID-19
  • Practitioners who heard Dr. Li speak at the May 6th ASA/NCCAOM Townhall and want to learn more


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