Juan Bi Tang - 蠲痹汤 - Remitting Bi Decoction (Granules)

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Full-spectrum, water-based herbal extract; concentrated 5:1 granules (100g/bottle).

Item Number: J117
Chinese Name: 蠲痹汤, Juan Bi Tang
English Name: Remitting Bi Decoction


Huang Qi (Mi) Astragalus Root (Processed)
Dang Gui Chinese Angelica Root
Chi Shao Red Peony Root
Qiang Huo

Notopterygium Rhizome and Root

Fang Feng Saposhnikovia Root
Pian Jiang Huang Wenyujin Concise Rhizome
Gan Cao (Mi) Licorice Root (Processed)
Sheng Jiang Ginger

Also available as Capsules

Treasure of the East’s herbal extracts are full-spectrum, water-based extracts produced by Tianjiang Pharmaceutical. Unlike standardized extracts, which contain a concentrated quantity of a single marker chemical, full-spectrum herbal extracts contain all the active chemical constituents of whole herbs in concentrated form.  Treasure of the East herbs are full-spectrum and extracted using only purified water (more information).

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