Bai Zi Yang Xin Wan - 柏子养心丸 - Arborvitae Seed Nourishing Pill (Capsules)

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Full-spectrum, water-based herbal extract; concentrated 5:1 capsules (100 caps./bottle).

Item Number: B100-c
Chinese Name: 柏子养心丸, Bai Zi Yang Xin Wan
English Name: Arborvitae Seed Nourishing Pill

This modern formula is designed to support the Western common conditions. It is selected based on the efficiency of the TCM hospital use.*

Formula Principles: 

  • Reinforces and Strengthens Heart Qi
  • Calms the Spirit
  • Nourishes the Heart Blood *


Bai Zi Ren
Arborvitae Seed
Chuan Xiong
Chuanxiong Rhizome
Dang Gui
Chinese Angelica Root
Dang Shen
Codonopsis Root
Fu Ling
Gan Cao (Mi)
Licorice Root (Processed)
Huang Qi (Mi) Astragalus Root (Processed)
Liu Shen Qu Medicated Leaven (Processed)
Rou Gui Cassia Bark
Suan Zao Ren (Chao) Spiny Jujube Kernel (Processed)
Wu Wei Zi (Cu) Schisandra Berry (Processed)
Yuan Zhi (Zhi) Polygala Root (Processed)

TCM Pattern

  • Blood Deficiency  with a weak constitution 

Also available as Granules

Treasure of the East’s herbal extracts are full-spectrum, water-based extracts produced by Tianjiang Pharmaceutical. Unlike standardized extracts, which contain a concentrated quantity of a single marker chemical, full-spectrum herbal extracts contain all the active chemical constituents of whole herbs in concentrated form.  Treasure of the East herbs are full-spectrum and extracted using only purified water (more information).

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