Bi Qiu Tang - 鼻鼽汤 - Codonopsis & White Atractylodes Combination (AllerCare) (Capsules)

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Full-spectrum, water-based herbal extract; concentrated 5:1 capsules (100 caps./bottle).

Item Number: B070-c
Chinese Name: 鼻鼽汤, Bi Qiu Tang
English Name: Codonopsis & White Atractylodes Combination (AllerCare)

This modern formula is designed to address common Western conditions, and was selected for inclusion in our catalogue based on the efficacy of their use in TCM hospitals.*

Formula Principles:

  • Secure the Exterior dispel Wind
  • Supplement the Spleen and Kidney
  • Eliminate Dampness
  • Transform Phlegm
  • Relieves Itching and discharges
  • Onset or maintenance use*


Dang Shen Codonopsis Root
Bai Zhu White Atractylodes Rhizome
Fang Feng Saposhnikovia Root
Jing Jie Schizonepeta Herb
Shan Yao Dioscorea Rhizome
Yi Ren Coix Seed
Chan Tui Cicada Slough
Jie Geng Platycodon Root
Huang Qi Astragalus Root
He Zi Chebule Fruit
Xin Yi Magnolia Flower
Bo He Mint Herb
Ze Xie Alisma Rhizome
Wu Wei Zi (Cu Zhi) Schisandra Berry (Processed)
Gan Cao Licorice Root

TCM Pattern

  • Sensitive physique 
  • Cold and wind
  • Wei Qi Deficiency
  • Spleen Qi  Deficiency
  • Lung Qi  Deficiency
  • Kidney Qi  Deficiency

Also available as Granules

Treasure of the East’s herbal extracts are full-spectrum, water-based extracts produced by Tianjiang Pharmaceutical. Unlike standardized extracts, which contain a concentrated quantity of a single marker chemical, full-spectrum herbal extracts contain all the active chemical constituents of whole herbs in concentrated form.  Treasure of the East herbs are full-spectrum and extracted using only purified water (more information).

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