Tianjiang Pharmaceutical is the global market and technology leader in concentrated herbal extracts. Founded in 1992, Tianjiang was the first manufacturer of concentrated herbal extracts to receive China's Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification for pharmaceutical products.  Since then, Tianjiang has developed production facilities with an annual capacity of 6,000 tons and 30 patents on the extraction, granulation and packaging of Chinese herbal extracts.

Tianjiang engages in research partnerships with 22 Chinese medicine research universities and 26 leading TCM hospitals and has lead the industry in the development of quality standards.  Its TLC botanical fingerprint standards have been adopted by the China FDA as the standard for all Chinese herb producers.  Tianjiang, along with China Pharmaceutical University and Nanjing University, are the three parties invited by US Pharmacopeia (USP) to collaborate on the development of US standards for Chinese herbal extracts. 

Currently, Tianjiang produces 700 varieties of herbal extracts made from botanical roots, stems, barks, flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves, mushrooms and more. Botanical materials are sourced directly from over 300 farms (including 66 of Tianjiang's own farms) to ensure quality from seed through finished product.

Treasure of the East is the registered trademark and brand name of Blue Light, Inc. and the only US brand authorized to use the Tianjiang name.  Treasure of the East was founded by Dr. Ann Wang, OMD, LAc, a former faculty member at China's Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and the founder and medical director of the Integrative Medicine Center in Ithaca, New York.

Upon opening her private practice in the United States, she found that the Chinese herbs she could find in the US lacked the potency and efficacy that she was accustomed to in China.  She then embarked on an exhaustive search for the highest quality Chinese herbs that ultimately led her to Tianjiang Pharmaceutical.  Blue Light grew from fellow practitioners' requests for the herbs that Dr. Wang procured for her own practice.

As Tianjiang's federally registered general agent and US distributor for over 25 years, we have been exceptionally proud to help American healthcare professionals, manufacturers, and wellness companies thrive.

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