I sampled 10 different companies' granular herbs before choosing a supplier for my herbal dispensary, and Treasure of the East produces hands-down the most energetically potent and alive granular herbs."



High quality, clean line. Exceptional clinical result.

Thank you for the reasonable pricing and amazing customer service!"

L., California

Numerous scientists analyze every facet of the herb, always striving for improvement, from seed to extract... The best quality control I have seen anywhere."


It was such a pleasant surprise to smell the richness of the aromas! Your herbs smell so fresh! I can smell the nuances of the herbs so much better."

Guru Dev
Guru Dev Kaur Khalsa, LAc.

From Dao Di to Pao Zhi to their careful sourcing, not only are they more effective than other manufacturers, but we feel aligned with the values and high standards of the company."



My patients love their herbs!
So do I! Very effective!"

Theresa Dember-Neal

I was exposed to so many different brands of herbal granules in school, but as I transitioned into private practice I chose a brand that I’ve used personally for several years- A brand that, over and over has proved to be top tier in quality and efficacy. @treasureoftheeastherbs"



Due to the efficacy of these medicines, I have a high rate of clinical success. The cost/benefit ratio makes these herbs a great choice for practitioners and patients."

L., California


I was lucky enough to discover Treasure of the East, and the difference in quality was instantly apparent...Treasure of the East have a strong, fresh herbal aroma and dissolve easily in hot water."


China Herb Company is so happy to have partnered with Treasure of the East Herbs. We have sampled and tested all 5:1 granules on the market, and for us, these are the best granule concentrates available."



Thanks so much for creating a clean line of potent formulas and single herbs. They are strong and work well. The difference is really clear!"

D., California

Treasure of the East is dedicated to helping all who seek health improvement with Chinese Medicine. The company furthers the goals of patients and practitioners so we can all strive to enable furtherance of Chinese Medicine in the US."

Ann B., New York


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