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Upcoming Event

18th San Francisco International Symposium on TCM - Men's Health

The 18th San Francisco International Symposium on Traditional Chinese Medicine - Men's Health will be held online on October 15th from 2:00-8:30 pm PST / 5:00-11:30 pm EST. The event will bring together the most knowledgeable experts on TCM for men's health in the world; there will be six Chinese and American experts in both traditional Chinese and allopathic medicine, aiming at three common conditions: male sexual dysfunction, prostate disease, and oligospermia. 

During the symposium, the professors will introduce the latest research progress in the field of TCM andrology, share the latest and most standardized treatment protocols, and present their unique approach and prospective research results on andrological diseases. The aim is to foster a collaborative environment and provide valuable insights into the advancements in TCM for men's health. 

Speakers and Topics:

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