Webinar: How to Manage Your Herbal Pharmacy

Treasure of the East's Director of Operations Greg Wilkins, L.Ac. and co-founder of Unified Practice Kenan Akbas hosted a webinar on how to start your own herbal pharmacy, spanning topics from tracking inventory to mixing formulas.

Greg shared his knowledge of creating a pharmacy practice from the ground up, emphasizing resources like AHPA guidelines and best practices regarding cleanliness, storage, and record keeping.  In his formula demonstration, Greg brought up useful tips that practitioners may not think of at first, such as using laminated paper as a tray for measuring herbs,  a cocktail shaker for mixing herbs, and marking bottles with the date they were opened.  He also shared information on calculating dosage and on markers of quality that you can share with your patients.

Kenan discussed how to customize Unified Practice to fit your pharmacy needs. Unified Practice is capable of writing prescriptions, tracking inventory, charging patients, and building formulas, essentially streamlining a pharmacy’s workload.

Greg and Kenan also tackled what practitioners need to consider in order to successfully manage an herbal pharmacy, with some nuanced guidance on how to track and mix your herbs.  

Watch the 37 min video below for:

  • What to consider when starting an herbal pharmacy
  • Tips on how to mix herbal formulas
  • How Unified Practice can help with formula building and tracking prescriptions

Enjoy!  Also see our blog post on Starting an Herbal Pharmacy.