Treasure of the East helps safeguard attendees of the FSOMA 2021 Conference

The TCM community continues its efforts to combat the resurging pandemic

Bradenton, FL - Florida State Oriental Medicine Association (FSOMA) and Treasure of the East announce a contribution of nearly 200 bottles of Jade Screen Double Strength to participants of FSOMA’s 2021 Conference. 

Composed of seven immune-boosting herbs, Jade Screen Double Strength is a modification of the classic Jade Windscreen formula that was developed by the Health Commission of Hubei Province specifically for use by frontline healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. With this contribution, Treasure of the East continues its efforts to fight the pandemic through the donation of over 1,200 bottles of Jade Screen Double Strength to US hospitals, TCM schools, and TCM associations.

FSOMA has taken this unusual opportunity to introduce its first hybrid in-person and virtual conference. With the relevance of the pandemic still present, FSOMA is committed to providing adequate safety measures, such as social distancing, encouragement of mask-wearing, and hand sanitizing stations, while also encouraging an enjoyable, in-person experience. To further help ensure the safety of each participant, two exhibitors have donated face masks and Treasure of the East has donated Jade Screen Double Strength to be included in each attendee’s conference bag.

Treasure of the East is honored to be able to donate this best-selling formula to help protect the local community and to bring peace of mind to the participants of FSOMA’s 2021 conference. Jade Screen Double Strength is also available to sample at Treasure of the East’s FSOMA conference table.

About Florida State Oriental Medical Association (FSOMA): With almost 39 years serving Licensed Acupuncturists in Florida, FSOMA’s strong desire to promote and protect the profession of Acupuncture and Traditional Asian Medicines, led to the organization to be established as a non-profit association, 501(c) 6, in 1994. 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the first FSOMA Conference, hosting nationally and internationally recognized leaders of Acupuncture and Traditional Asian Medicines.  

About Treasure of the East: For 27 years, Treasure of the East has been the exclusive US distributor and general agent for Tianjiang Pharmaceutical, and the only US brand authorized to use the Tianjiang name. With 30 patents related to the extraction, granulation, and packaging of medicinal herbs, Tianjiang is the granule herb supplier to 70% of China’s AAA-level hospitals, to 48 research universities and hospitals, and to healthcare professionals in 30 countries.