Roses (Mei Gui Hua) in Traditional Chinese Medicine

by Dr. Ann Wang
Roses are not only a signature of love, but also is a  significant ingredient with healing properties. Rose flowers or Mei Gui Hua are sweet, slightly bitter, and warm in nature. It is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicines with following effects:
  1. Mei Gui Hua is traditionally used to ease emotions, relieve depression, and improve sleep. The taste of rose is delicate and elegant, which can warm and nourish the heart and blood, relieve stagnation of live qi, and calm and ease the mind.
  2. Mei Gui Hua helps to nourish blood, beautifying and improving the appearance of the skin.
  3. Mei Gui Hua is rich in vitamins A, C, B, E, K and tannic acid, which regulate blood, promote blood circulation, and regulate menstruation.
  4. Mei Gui Hua helps to regulate blood energy, thereby promoting blood circulation, relieving fatigue, healing wounds, protecting liver and gastrointestinal functions, helping to remove toxins from the body. Taken long-term, may also help promote the metabolism.

Like most Chinese herbs, Mei Gui Hua is typically used in combination with other herbs rather than on its own. Here are some beloved combinations of Mei Gui Hua:

  • With Shan Zha or hawthorn berry: Mei Gui Hua and Shan Zha have similar effects, of promoting blood circulation and relieving depression. The combination of Shan Zha and Mei Gui Hua is mild in nature, sweet and sour in taste, and helps to promote blood circulation, strengthen spleen and liver, and improve digestion.
  • With Honey: Drinking Mei Gui Hua and honey together in water can help regulate qi and blood, promote blood circulation, beautify the skin, accelerate gastrointestinal motility, and relieve constipation.
  • With Long Yan Rou or longan: Long Yan Rou is rich in nutrients and is a precious ingredient for nourishing yin. It can strengthen the spleen and stomach, nourish blood, soothe the nerves and prolong life. Drinking Mei Gui Hua with Long Yan Rou can help improve Qi, nourish blood, and improve the complexion.

The recommend dosage is one teaspoon of Mei Gui Hua extract granules taken one to two times a day.

玫瑰花 (Mei Gui Hua) 不仅是象征爱情的信物,同时也是常用的中药成分,玫瑰花味甘微苦、性温,有以下多种功效:

  1.  缓和情绪、纾解抑郁、改善睡眠。玫瑰花茶的味道清香幽雅,能够温养人的心肝血脉,舒发体内郁气,起到镇静、安抚、抗抑郁的功效。
  2. 美容养颜。玫瑰花茶能平衡内分泌、补血气,美颜护肤、改善皮肤干枯。
  3. 顺行血气,调理。女性生理玫瑰花含丰富的维生素A、C、B、E、K以及单宁酸,能改善内分泌失调,可调理血气、促进血液循环,调理月经。
  4. 调节体质。玫瑰花茶性质温和,降火气,可调理血气,促进血液循环,且有消除疲劳,愈合伤口,并能保护肝脏胃肠功能,调节内分泌,帮助排清身体毒素,长期饮用亦有助于促进新陈代谢。


  •  山楂 (Shan Zha) 搭配:山楂和玫瑰花茶具有同样的功效,都具有活血解郁的效果,搭配在一起做成山楂,玫瑰花茶,性质温和,味道酸甜清香,能够活血健脾养肝,起到消脂增进肠胃消化的作用。还能达到美容养颜润肠通便的作用,帮助加快肠胃蠕动,缓解便秘,让你的肠道保持干净,减肥又瘦身。
  • 玫瑰花与蜂蜜搭配: 玫瑰花茶和蜂蜜搭配在一起泡水喝,能够帮助调理气血,促进血液循环,美容养颜,还能加速肠胃蠕动,缓解便秘。
  • 玫瑰花与龙眼肉/桂圆 (Long Yan Rou) 搭配:桂圆营养丰富,是滋阴的珍贵食材,能够健脾和胃,养血安神养血,延年益寿。玫瑰花茶搭配桂圆泡水喝,能够提升气血,加速运行,既能补血益气又能改善气色。