Customize it! "Why Herbal Granules?" Trifold Brochure

Do your patients have questions about herbal granules?
Do you wish you had an easy-to-understand brochure explaining the benefits of the herbal granules that you prescribe?

If so, you'll want to check out our colorful, patient-friendly & print-ready trifold brochure, Why Herbal Granules?.

As Dr. Ann Wang, co-founder of Treasure of the East can attest, patient education can play a big role in treatment success.

When patients learn about why Dao Di herbs matter, for example, or glance at our graphic illustrating our patented processing method (in simplified steps), a connection is made between our herbal quality and efficacy, and their health goals.

Why Herbal Granules preview

We invite you to download, print – and yes, even customize this brochure (using a free Canva account) for use in your own clinic to support your patient education efforts!