American Traditional Chinese Medicine Society Seminar

6月23日,张超和我参加了美国中医学会在纽约法拉盛举行的针灸学术研讨会,作为东方宝藏的代表。 这是我第一次参加TCM研讨会和练习中文的好机会,而Chao能够与许多老朋友打招呼。 这次研讨会再次提醒人们,要成为一个如此专注于教育,健康和持续改进的社区的一员是多么美妙。 无论您是否是ATCMS的会员,您都可以全年参加他们的中文研讨会(即将举办的活动)。我们希望很快再见到你们!

On June 23rd, Chao Zhang and I attended the American Traditional Chinese Medicine Society's Academic Seminar on Acupuncture and Moxibustion in Flushing, New York as representatives of Treasure of the East. This was my first chance to attend a TCM seminar and a great opportunity to practice my Chinese, while Chao was able to greet many old friends.  This seminar served as yet another reminder of how wonderful it is to be part of a community so focused on education, health, and constant improvement.  Whether or not you are a member of ATCMS, you can participate in their Chinese-language seminars throughout the year (upcoming events).  We hope to see you at another event soon!