Yu Fang Kit (预防组合配方) - Precaution Kit

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Formula recommended by The Health Commission of Beijing for strengthening the body’s defensesThis kit contains 21 bottles of full-spectrum, water-based herbal extract; concentrated 5:1; granules (100g/bottle). 

预防组合配方, Yu Fang Zu He Pei Fang 


  • Mai Dong 麦冬 3 Bottles
  • Sang Ye  桑叶 3 Bottles
  • Ju Hua  菊花  3 Bottles
  • Chen Pi  陈皮 2 Bottles
  • Huang Qi  黄芪 10 Bottles

Mixing: Mix each bottle together in a large container. Shake well, until evenly distributed. Divide into individual 100 gram bottles. If container not large enough, divide into portions, according to given ratio.

Recommend dosage: 6 grams (approximately one teaspoon), mixed with hot water, taken as a decoction, 2 times a day.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Treasure of the East’s herbal extracts are full-spectrum, water-based extracts produced by Tianjiang Pharmaceutical. Unlike standardized extracts, which contain a concentrated quantity of a single marker chemical, full-spectrum herbal extracts contain all the active chemical constituents of whole herbs in concentrated form.  Treasure of the East herbs are full-spectrum and extracted using only purified water (more information).

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