Thank you for visiting Treasure of the East, proud sponsor of Yo San University's 3rd Annual Integrative Medicine Symposium on Integrative Cardiology. As a conference attendee, we'd like to invite you to:

1. Recieve a free gift of Yin Qiao Jie Du Wan (银翘解毒丸) and free ground shipping for orders over $50 with the code YSUMidAutum now through Oct 8th.About Yin Qiao Jie Du Wan: Pungent and cool to relieve the exterior, it is used to dispel pathogenic wind, clear heat, and resolve toxins. It benefits the throat, relieves thirst, and diffuses Lung Qi to relieve symptoms of fever, headache, cough, dry mouth, and sore throat. Like Yin Qiao San, the monarch ingredients are Jin Yin Hua (金银花) and Lian Qiao (连翘), but Yin Qiao Jie Du Wan (translation: Yin Qiao Detoxification Pills) has stronger heat-clearing and detoxifying effects. In China’s TCM hospitals, it is one of the most used formulas for the pandemic and for cold and flu season.

2. Meet Four Pillars Herbs, distributor and custom herbal pharmacy based in Los Angeles!Four Pillars Herbs - LA Distributor for Treasure of the East3. Enjoy a video tour through some of the Dao Di farms from which our herbs are sourced4. Download Dr. Wang's Treasured Formulas Handbook (3rd Ed) and download our full product list.

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TCM Symposium on Men's Health