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Gui Zhi Tang - 桂枝汤 - Cinnamon Twig Decoction

Gui Zhi Tang is a traditional formula developed during the Han dynasty and is known for balancing the immune system. Practitioners often prescribe Gui Zhi Tang for patterns of wind-cold with deficiency, such as chills and fever (with or without sweating), stiff neck, aversion to wind, headache, and nasal congestion with a soft, floating pulse.

TCM Pattern: Ying & Wei deficiency, Wind-Cold Invasion, Tai Yang Zhong Feng
Formula Principles: Releases Wind-Cold from Exterior, Regulates and harmonizes the Ying and Wei
Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang - 血府逐瘀汤 - Persica & Carthamus Combination
Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang is a famous formula by Wang, Qingren in the Qing Dynasty for blood stasis in the chest. It is also known as one of the five famous “Zhuyu formulas” for promoting blood circulation. It is effective for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, regulating qi, and relieving pain. It is also a commonly used formula for Fertility Cycle Therapy during the menstrual period (day 1 to day 5).

TCM Pattern: Heart-blood stagnation Blood stagnation of the chest & diaphragm, Blood stasis after trauma
Formula Principles: Invigorates blood, moves Qi, and dissolves stasis, Unblocks the channels, Relieves painful obstructions
Si Wu Tang - 四物汤 - Four-Substance Decoction

Si Wu Tang is a women blood treasure formula that used for conditions involving blood deficiency and stagnation, including amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, and painful menstruation. This formula is also commonly used for anemia, chronic fatigue, and postpartum recovery. Some practitioners recommend it for autoimmune disorders and fertility issues, given its purported blood-enriching properties.
TCM Pattern: Blood deficiency & blood stasis, Irregular mensturation due to blood deficiency & stasis

Formula Principles: Supplements and regulates the blood, Regulates the liver, Improves blood circulation, Regulates menstruation


Wen Dan Tang - 温胆汤 - Bamboo & Poria Combination

Wen Dan Tang is traditionally used to address phlegm-heat type disorders. Modern uses of Wen Dan Tang include helping with anxiety, depression, vertigo, and chronic mental disorders. Its calming properties may assist with sleep disorders and support cognitive health. It is also sometimes recommended for phlegm-heat related digestive disorders.

TCM Pattern: Gallbladder constraint w/ phlegm stirring up, phlegm-Fire disturbs the heart, gallbladder deficiency Heat, and much more!
Formula Principles: Rectifies Qi & dissolves phlegm, Harmonizes the stomach and clears gallbladder, Fortifies the splee and soothes the liver


Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang - 柴葛解肌汤 – Bupleurum & Pueraria Combination

This formula relieves muscles and clears away heat. It is mainly prescribed to treat exogenous wind-cold with unresolved fever and headache, sore limbs, sore eyes and dry nose, pain in the eye sockets, restlessness, thin yellow tongue coating, floating and slightly torrential pulse. It is now commonly used for colds and flu with exogenous wind-cold transforming into interior heat.

TCM Pattern: Wind-Cold (Tai Yang) transforming into Interior Heat (Yang Ming
Formula Principles: Dispelss Wind, releases pathogens from the muscle layer, clears interior heat