Establishing an herbal pharmacy in your practice allows you to give the best possible care to your patients. With an herbal pharmacy, you can prepare formulas immediately, even while they wait, and you can customize formulas for individual needs. 

 What You Need to Start an Herbal Pharmacy

  1. A Pharmacy Starter Kit or 100-150 of the most commonly used single herb extracts
  2. An easy-to-clean calculator or calculator sealed within a ziploc bag
  3. A scale with a capacity of  approximately 400g
  4. Weighing papers or reusable weighing mats (can be made by laminating sheets of paper with your logo printed on them)
  5. One or more laboratory scoops or ice tea spoons
  6. One or more small funnels
  7. Empty bottles and caps with tamper-evident seal
  8. Adhesive labels
  9. A heat gun and plastic heat shrink wrap
  10. Plastic measuring spoons to provide to patients within or alongside each bottle
  11. Baskets able to hold approximately 15 bottles of single herb extracts
  12. An ergonomic, easy-to-clean work surface
  13. One or more bookcases with adequate shelving for all herbs and supplies
  14. Capsule filling machine and gelatin or vegetarian capsules (optional) 

 For more information, please see frequently asked questions.