With New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
and Treasure of the East

We are excited to invite you to join us in China, September 22nd-30th, 2019! The trip itinerary includes a visit to a Xiang Yuan herb farm, guided tours of Tianjiang's industry-leading production facilities and laboratories, rotations and lectures from faculty at Yueyang Hospital and Shuguang Hospital (both teaching hospitals of the Shanghai University of TCM), and sightseeing expeditions to Xitang Water Village and other historic locations.  The trip has been approved for 17.5 PDA points as well as an additional letter for 8.5 points for Clinic Experience from a Professional Enhancement Activity (PE-AT) for a total of 26 points from the NCCAOM.


As our honored guest, Tianjiang and Treasure of the East will be subsidizing your trip.  Your costs for the 9-day trip China, inclusive of hotels, most meals, and group transportation, are shown below.  Your airfare, tourist visa, and additional personal costs will be your responsibility.  We're happy to pair you with a roommate, provide an invitation letter, or assist in finding a service to help you to get your visa in time for the trip.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  

This trip is full and the waitlist is closed.  Please complete this form to be the first to hear about future trips to China.Tianjiang China Trip with NYCTCM and Treasure of the East

Read more about Tianjiang and its herb farms, production facilities, and laboratories.